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Our Mission


The Whitpain Police Association shall engage in activities the Board of Directors deems appropriate to accomplish the following purposes;


  • A)To promote the best interests of Whitpain Township police officers, whether active, disabled or retired and


  • B)To provide for the health and welfare of retired Whitpain Township police officers and their families through the establishment of supplemental income in addition to the Whitpain Township Police Pension Fund for Whitpain Township police officers retiring after January 1, 2005 and


  • C)To establish and operate an organized outreach program to improve relations between the Whitpain Township police officers and the community which they serve and


  • D)The purpose of this Corporation shall be to improve the working conditions, morale and general welfare of all its members, including retirees in good standing and to serve as the recognized agent between the Whitpain Township police officers, Whitpain Township and members of the public. To this end the following goals are enumerated:  To provide, in the form of a gift, supplemental retirement income, at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors, to retirees. To proactively foster good relationships with the community, law enforcement, non-profit groups and charitable causes. Finally, at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors to fund or supplement contract costs in the negotiation of employment contracts with the Township.

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