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How to Prevent Yourself from Becoming a Victim of a Crime

LOCK ALL VEHICLES, especially during nighttime hours. In 2014 the Whitpain Township Police Department investigated over 100 incidents relating to thefts from unlocked vehicles, not to mention the countless others that went unreported or unnoticed. Please LOCK YOUR VEHICLE.

• Keep valuable items inside your vehicle out of view (i.e. GPS devices, cellular phones, iPADs, laptops, money)

• When going on vacation, contact the Police desk to add your residence to our Vacation Check List. Police will periodically check your property to ensure everything is safe and in order.

• Try to avoid posting vacation pictures on social media until you return home.

• Do not give personal or financial information to anybody over the phone or email. Telephone scams claim countless victims every year. When in doubt, contact the Police to confirm the validity of any agency claiming you have back taxes due, warrants for your arrest, or relatives in police custody who need bail money.

• Be aware of solicitors who come to your residence without the proper identification and permit. All for- profit agencies are required to obtain a solicitation permit with the township prior to speaking with residents.

• Keep your home illuminated at nighttime. Houses that remain completely dark at night are easier targets for burglars and would-be thieves.


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