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Tips for Calling 911/ Whitpain Police Dispatch (610-279-9033)

  • Be sure to speak slowly and calmly.

  • Be sure to have all pertinent information ready and

available (i.e. Color, make, model, and license number

of a suspicious vehicle).

  • Be aware that police will respond to all calls to 911, so

please use proper discretion when handling the phone. In 2014 the Whitpain Police Department responded to approximately 350 accidental calls to 911.

  • If you witness a criminal event or suspicious activity, be sure to contact the Police department as soon as possible. Immediate dispatch following an event is crucial to allowing the department to investigate each and every incident reported to the Police desk (610- 279-9033) or 911.

  • When in doubt, contact 911 or the Police desk. It is always better for Police to respond immediately and ensure there is no problem then to discover a crime has occurred hours after the incident has taken place.


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